The Hoopla on Hookahs

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According to an article posted on, Hookahs are  increasing in popularaity among young Americans, of course we already know this, because we offer a large selection of Hookah flavors for patrons of Kush.  This popularity is most likely a result of Hookah smoke being a lot smoother and less harsh than a cigars and cigarettes.

The article does have testimonial from some critics saying that Hookah smoke is more harmful because of the ability to ingest it so easily.   However, like any type of smoke, moderation is always the key.  Hookahs prove to not be addictive and do not lead to addiction to smoking cigarettes, cigars or whatever else.

The key with Hookah, as well as anything is, enjoy them, in moderation, and responsibly.

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Sunday, May 30th KUSH Presents Spring Fever

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Staying in the city for Memorial Day Weekend?  Make it a stay-vacation and party with us Sunday, May 30th.  Spring Fever kicks off at 9pm with a complimentary open bar until 10pm for those who channel the 1970’s with their wardrobe.  Looking good Mr. Kotter!  It’s the perfect excuse to wear those bell bottoms, wide leg jeans and platform shoes.  Oh wait, people are already doing that now.  Well hey, wear a peace sign, grab a complimentary cocktail and dance to the groovy beats of DJ Shan Boogie!!  Hey, did I just see roller girl skate by?

Come check out our new Thursday Night Party

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Every Thursday we’re featuring the sounds of some great funk favorites.  Doors open at 9pm and the party goes all night.  Be sure to reserve a table in advance at 212.677.7328.

Bloomberg’s Movement to Reduce Salt Intake in NYC

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From no smoking bans in bars and restaurants to getting rid of allowing trans fat in food and having to have calories posted on the menu boards in fast food places, Bloomberg is at it yet again to keep New Yorkers maintaining healthy lifestyles.  He has started a campaign in “reducing salt in food” and has already committed 16 companies to his plan.  The goal is to reduce the salt intake among Americans by 20% by the year 2014.  Starbucks has already cut most of the salt out of their breakfast sandwiches.

Some speculate that this movement is having the government interfere with how we live our everyday lives.  Does the government hold the right to dictate what goes into our mouths?  Apparently it does when it comes to keeping Americans healthy, but will our precious foods and condiments ever taste the same?  What do you think?

Coming Soon from Apple: iSpecs

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Apple could soon be venturing into the world of 3D, after they filed a patent application for electronic spectacles that would show films on the move. The head-mounted gadget would have a slot for an Apple iPhone or iPod. A special ‘smart’ lens in the device, nicknamed iSpecs by gadget fans, would project the images from the screen so they could be viewed comfortably. The lens would be able to split the image into two different frames creating a 3D effect. This could be used to watch blockbusters such as Avatar and Alice in Wonderland ( via @LegitNews).

Conan Comes Back to TV!!!

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Just announced: Conan O’Brien will be heading up another late night venture angainst his old comparatives, David Letterman and Jay Leno.  His show will be aired on TBS at 11pm.  Conan actually bumped George Lopez’s Lopez Tonight” to midnight so that he could be accommodated.  Team Coco Fans can now rejoice.  You will be seeing a whole lot more of the ginger.  The show will premiere after the World Series in November.  We know we’re excited, are you?  Will you watch the new Conan show?  We can just imagine the tricks he has up his sleeve for this format.  Does that mean Andy Richter will be co-hosting again?

Tomorrow is Going to be in the 70’s….Beach Time!!

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For all of those who want to get in some good color before they hit the bar and lounge circuit, just in time, it’s going to be in the 70’s tomorrow.  Sheep Meadow’s and the Great Lawn are going to be packed tomorrow.  Dust off those Frisbee’s and get out the picnic baskets since tomorrow is going to be a perfect day to be outdoors.  If you’re lucky enough to live by the water, than hit the beach.  You may need to wear a sweatshirt, but there’s something about sitting in the sand and watching the waves in March!  And if you still need to make plans for the weekend, you can still make reservations with us.  We’ll see you on Monday with a sunburn.  Enjoy!